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Getting ffnet


At run time...

ffnet needs at least:

For plots (which appear in examples) you’ll need the matplotlib package. It is also very convenient to use ffnet interactively with ipython, an enhanced python shell.

At compilation time...

ffnet uses numpy.distutils and f2py tool (shipped with numpy) to compile Fortran parts of the library. If you’re going to compile ffnet from sources (actually you have to do so unless your OS does not provide binary package) you’ll need also:

  • Python header files (which are installed with Python by default on Windows, but not on most Linux distros, for example on Ubuntu you need additional python-dev package),
  • C and Fortran 77 compilers (on Linux you have gcc and gfortran, on Windows (32-bit) you can consider using mingw32).

You might also be interested in installing Enthought Python Distribution which reaches all ffnet requirements (including compilers) and is free for non-commercial use.


Go to sourceforge download page for release versions of ffnet.

You can also checkout development version of the code from the project subversion repository:

svn co ffnet

or from this direct link.


If you have setuptools installed you can try to call from command line (as root):

easy_install ffnet

Alternatively, if you have pip, you can call:

pip install ffnet

These commands should automatically download, compile and install ffnet.

If this doesn’t work for you, try manual installation. Unpack ffnet to the directory of your choice, enter it and run:

  • on Linux (gcc + gfortran):

    python install

  • on Windows (mingw32: gcc + g77):

    python build --compiler=mingw32 & python install --skip-build

You are also welcome to produce and share binary packages for your operating system. They will be placed at ffnet’s download page.


Installation can be tested in python console:

from ffnet._tests import runtest

Remember to leave installation directory first!

Execute also ffnet examples. They all should work.